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Full text of "A bill to establish a Nitre and Mining Bureau"

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Hi<L.i\ ^i.'-i [House Bill No. ]. 

HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, March 9, 1863.— Read fiist 
and second times, laid on the table, anJ ordered to be printed. 

[ By Mr. Boteler, from Committee on Ordnance and Ordnance Stores.! 


To establish a Nitre and Mining Bureau. 

1 , Section 1. The Congress of ike Confederate States of America do 

2 enact, That tho officers authorized and appointed under the act, 

3 entitled "An Act for the organization of a corps of officers for 

4 the ^vorking of nitre caves, &;c.," passed April 11, 1862, together 

5 -with such additional officers as are authortzed by the provisions 

6 of this act shall constitute an independent bureau of the War 

7 Department to be entitled " The Nitre and Mining Bureau." 

1 Sec. 2. Be it further enact(d, That said bureau shall have 

3 charge of all the duties prescribeH in the second section of said 

3 act, and shall besides be charged -with all duties and expenditures 

4 connected with the mining of iron, copper, lead, coal, kc, so far 

5 as it shall be deemed necessary to sugply the military necessities 

6 of the country, and the superintendent thereof shall, under the 

7 Sacretary of War, have full power to make such leases of real 


8 estate and purchases of fixtures as are necessary or appurtenant 

9 to any mines it may be deemed expedient to open or work on 

10 Government account; and may also contract, subject to the ap- 

1 1 proval of the Secretary of War, for such supplies, by purchase 

12 or otherwise, of all copper, lead, iron, coal, zinc and such other 

13 minerals as may be required for the prosecution of the war. 

1 Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, That said bureau shall consist of 

2 one lieutenaht colonel, as superintendent; three majors, as as- 

3 sistant superintendents; six captains and ten lieutenants, in 

4 which shall be included the officers of the present nitre corps, 

5 who shall have the same pay and allowances prescribed for officers 

6 of cavalry of the same grades.